Chinese COVID-19 vaccines contribute to vaccination campaign in Nepal

Chinese vaccines for COVID-19 are contributing to a vaccination campaign in Nepal. This is according to data released by the country’s Ministry of Health and Population.

The Ministry said that as of

yesterday 3.46 million Nepali citizens had received the first dose of vaccine and 1.45 million had received both doses.

The ministry said more than 1.63 million Nepali citizens have received the first dose of the Vero Cell vaccine developed by China’s Sinopharm Corporation. Both doses of this vaccine were given to 703,596 people.

“China has proven to be the most credible source of vaccine supplies …,” Basudev Pandey, former director of epidemiology and disease control at Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population, told Xinhua.

“Chinese vaccines have become very popular in Nepal because they have almost no side effects and because those who have been vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine are allowed to enter some Gulf countries where a large number of migrants from Nepal work,” he said.

On July 13, Nepal’s cabinet decided to vaccinate one-third of the population by mid-October and to fully vaccinate all citizens who can be vaccinated by mid-April 2022.