Nepal’s President Appoints S.B. Deuba as Prime Minister

According to Nepal’s constitution, Sh. B. Deuba must win a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives of Parliament within 30 days of taking office as head of government.

The Supreme Court of Nepal ruled Monday that President B. D. Bhandari must appoint Sh. B. Deuba as prime minister within two days and the House of Representatives must reconvene within seven days.

On May 10, the then Prime Minister of Nepal, Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, lost a vote of confidence in the House, and his government became transitional. Because other political parties failed to form a new government as scheduled, on May 13 K. P. S. Oli was reappointed prime minister. Later, both President B. D. Bhandari and K. P. S. Oli demanded that a new government be formed. On May 22, the Office of the President of Nepal issued a statement stating that all the demands of K. P. S. Oli and B. D. Bhandari to form a new government were invalid, and President B. D. Bhandari announced the dissolution of the House of Representatives. A coalition of opposition parties consisting of the Nepali Congress and other parties subsequently sued the Supreme Court over the matter.