UNDP and PRC Launch Project to Improve Nepal’s Health System

The United Nations Development Program /UNDP/ and the Chinese government have launched a project to improve medical waste management in seven Nepalese hospitals for coronavirus patients. UNDP announced this on Friday.

According to a press release, the project will provide seven hospitals with high-pressure steam sterilizers. They will set up medical waste disposal areas and train staff to do so.

A total of 350 Nepali health workers will be trained. About a hundred local government officials will be trained to respond effectively to health emergencies. In addition, the country is mobilizing young volunteers to raise awareness about medical waste management through networking activities.

The project is part of the PRC’s South-South Cooperative Assistance Fund for Coronavirus in Asia Pacific, and will benefit more than 1 million Nepalis, according to the press release.

“Due to the lack of necessary human resources and equipment, the hospital cannot properly handle medical waste related to COVID-19. We hope this project will improve the situation,” Prakash Bahadur Thapa, director of Nepalganj-based Bheri Hospital, told Xinhua Correspondent.